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Constitution of Celestial Sanctuary

Article 1: Name

The name of this religious organization shall be Celestial Sanctuary, incorporated. It may be referred to as Celestial Sanctuary Coven, and for purposes of the Constitution may be referred to as the temple.


Article 2: Nature

Celestial Sanctuary, Inc. shall be a non-profit religious organization, and shall be a church of nature spirituality. *As of May 2nd, 2020 we are still raising the funds to submit the application for 501 (c)(3) status*


Article 3: Purpose

The purpose of Celestial Sanctuary, Inc. shall be as follows: 

  • To honor and worship the Divine in its aspects of Goddess, God, other Deities and Spirits included, but not limited to Ancestors.

  • To serve nature spirituality practitioners including those of pantheistic, eco spiritual, wiccan, druidic, earth-centered, shamanistic, fae-centered, and other nature-centered spiritual paths by providing opportunities for worship and fellowship. 

  • To serve the Divine as well as our community through developing a temple food and herb garden and by fostering community through celebrations, ceremonies, education, outreach, and other ministries. 

  • To hold regular worship services, and observe the seasonal religious festivals and full moons in accordance with our traditions. 

  • To train, educate, and ordain ministers (within our community also titled High Priestesses and High Priests) and empower them to serve pagans and those of nature-centered spiritual paths in their home communities, as well as in their support of the work of Celestial Sanctuary. 

  • To publish, and distribute religious and spiritual materials including (and not limited to) literature, artwork, music, meditations, chants, incantations, podcasts, videos, social media pages, website, and other resources which promote spiritual attunement, awakening, and growth. 

  • To promote communication among individuals and groups practicing pagan and nature religions (also called nature spiritual paths) and to serve as a resource center, and a source of counsel.

  • To promote respect and understanding of nature, and to teach others to walk in harmony with nature through religious experience, educational study, and scientific research. 

  • To support temple members and others through ritual, meditation, spiritual counseling, spiritual healing and fellowship, and to promote awakening and growth of spiritual consciousness.

  • To further the cause of religious freedom by providing advice and counsel to individuals and organizations who, in the course of exercising their rights as pagans, nature spirituality practitioners, and witches who believe their rights to be impaired. 

  • To exercise any powers and rights to which an establishment of a temple or church is entitled, including: 

    • To accept absolutely, or in trust, for any of the purposes enumerated above any gift, grant, or device of real, or personal property. 

    • To make distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding provision of any future code. *As of May 2nd, 2020 we have yet to gain 501c3 status, we will file once we have raised the required $875.*


Article 4: Address


The temple office and principal meeting place is located at: 4705 Windermere Ct. Virginia Beach, VA, 23455. 


Article 5: Government


The manner of the government of celestial sanctuary, Inc. shall be set forth in the Bylaws. The temple is subject to the control of no other ecclesiastical body, but it acknowledges and sustains the obligations and privileges of mutual counsel, fellowship, empathy, advice, and cooperation that are common among temples of the same or similarly- aligned religions. 


Article 6: Denominational affiliation 


Celestial Sanctuary, Inc is a church of eclectic paganism and nature spirituality. 

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