Upcoming Events

Full Moon

We will be meeting on December 18th at 7 pm est at Cillian's apartment for this Esbat. We can have up to 10 people for this event and if you'd like to come please RSVP by emailing: celestialsanctuarycoven@gmail.com.  Upon emailing Cillian will provide you with his address. He lives in Virginia Beach.

Please feel free to bring any items you would like cleansed, purified and blessed. 

Cold Moon

Christmas Pine Tree

We are working on securing a location for our Geimhreadh | Yule celebration! Check back soon for updates!

Geimhreadh | Yule 
Full Moon

We will be meeting on January 17th, 2022 for the Wolf Moon Esbat. We are still determining the location of this event so check back frequently for updates!

Wolf Moon Esbat

Past Events


Beaver Moon Esbat

Dia daoibh! We will be gathering on Friday 11/19/2021 to honor and celebrate the Divine Feminine beneath the light of the full moon.

If you would like any items cleansed, purified, blessed or charged please do.

If you or anyone else needs extra healing at this time please feel free to email us with a name so we work healing energy for you/them.

Our Head High Priest will channel the Divine (if Divine is willing) and convey messages that come through

If you would like to attend please DM the page so we can save your spot. We can only accommodate 10 people. Please wear a mask and properly socially distance (it will be easy as we will be working outdoors).

Facebook event page: https://fb.me/e/43Puyicnv 

If you would like to make a donation and help us attain our goal of filing for non profit status and become a legally recognized church please feel free to send payment to:

Paypal: celestialsanctuarycoven@gmail.com


We are meeting for Samhain on October 31st at 3pm. The ritual will take place at Mount Trashmore in Virginia Beach at pavilion #4. If you'd like to bring pictures or other items for the deceased loved one altar please do. We will also be holding a raffle for some great prizes, all funds raised will go towards saving up to file for 501c3 status and become a legally recognized church. Check out the Facebook event page here: https://fb.me/e/2z25agUWG 

Samhain Sabbat