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Tanzanite Magickal Attributes & Associations

Dia daoibh! Cillian once again at your service! I hope all is well for you and yours. Today I am sharing with you a teaching on the gemstone Tanzanite. I hope you enjoy it and that it empowers your personal practice.

Tanzanite, also known as Violet Zoisite, can be found naturally only in the north of Tanzania. It is actually one of the most rare gemstones on the planet.

Chemical Formula: Ca2Al3Si3O12(OH) or Ca2AlAl2(SiO4)(Si2O7)O(OH).

Energy Flow (Projective or Receptive) (Yin or Yang): Projective, Yang.

Deities associated: Sophia (Greek), Athena (Greek).

Magickal correspondences: Boosting psychic abilities, harmony, peace, overcoming unhealthy habits, coping with change and making changes (especially when pertaining to career), action, determination, enhancing communication, understanding and processing emotions, guidance, illumination, wisdom, willpower, manifestation, overcoming obstacles, soothing, calming, self-work and inner healing, truth, visions and clairvoyance, trust, success, protection, insight, introspection, shadow work, influence, love and magic.

Body Systems/ Medical and Psychiatric Conditions this stone may benefit: Calming and soothing, this gemstone may be helpful for anxiety and/or panic attacks. Some sources say tanzanite may also be helpful with boosting the immune system and blood toxicity. Some sources state that this stone may be beneficial for the hair, nails and skin as it is a stone of regeneration. Migraines, excessive sweating and alcoholism are three other conditions this gemstone may benefit.

*Please don’t ever substitute medical attention from a qualified health professional with witchy/spiritual work. While our spiritual and magickal workings are powerful and effective we should never neglect medical attention or modern science. I am in no way giving you medical advice. I am a health care provider, however, I am NOT a medical doctor so I am not qualified to diagnose or treat.

Astrological signs: Sagittarius, gemini and libra.

Numerical vibration: 2.

Chakra(s): Sacral, solar plexus, throat, third eye and crown.

Ideas on how to use Tanzanite in your practice:

  • Use on your third eye during a meditation to open your third eye and therefore activate your clairvoyant abilities.

  • Use in a Shadow work pillow and sleep with it under your normal pillow.

  • Carry on you when dealing with problems to help you overcome them.

  • Use in a dream pillow to induce psychic dreams and astral travel.

  • Hold while in meditation for healing, inner truth and shadow work.

This has been Cillian, as always, at your service.


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