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Uilliam-Cillian Beamish, High Priest | Founding President | Active President | Active Treasurer

Cillian Beamish is the head high priest of Celestial Sanctuary, an eclectic Pagan coven located in Virginia Beach, VA. He has been a practicing hedge witch and channeler since childhood and became a high priest in 2014. In the same year, Cillian became recognized by the city of Virginia Beach as a wedding officiant and has been officiating legally binding weddings and handfastings ever since. He has taught for several years privately and at Mystic Moon of Norfolk. He currently runs a Patreon school of Witchcraft and Spirituality 


Cillian also works in the spiritual and paranormal communities reading and cleansing properties and people, working with spirit attachments and he is an experienced exorcist. (Not recognized by the Catholic Church). Outside of the spiritual realm Cillian is an artist, musician, author and polymath. His business, Hallowed Highlands features an array of witchy and Pagan products, art and services. 







TikTok: Hallowed_highlands 


Sidney Simon | Founding Vice President | Active Vice President

Sidney was born on the west coast but grew up in Virginia, where she plans to stay. In her personal life she is a hairstylist, a godmother, an auntie, and a sister to many. She is a witch and eclectic pagan with a heavy focus on home and family spell work. The simpler the better is her motto. She works hard to make sure that her spiritual practice is within the realm of her family lineage and not cultural appropriation.


Samantha Brownlee | Founding Secretary | Active Secretary

Sam Brownlee has been an active magic practitioner for 6 years, specializing in energy work, elements, sigil work, and divination. An active seer and shield, she enjoys bridging the gap between the material and mystical through hedge work. She enjoys teaching and learning alike through collaboration. A writer at heart, she’s excited to be the secretary of Celestial Sanctuary and welcome in more people to this community.

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